Guided visitor tours

Welcome to the BIS

Located in the historic city of Basel, Switzerland, the iconic BIS Tower near Basel's main train station stands as a hub of international cooperation. The BIS brings together central banks and financial supervisory authorities from around the world. We are the world's oldest international financial institution and have been headquartered in Basel since 1930.

We welcome occasional visits by local community and school groups. We are pleased to announce that during Summer 2024, we will host short tours for members of the public. Those interested can register for dates in July and August.

Our visits include presentations from our knowledgeable staff and include information about the BIS's activities, architecture and members. Engage with our mission of fostering global monetary and financial stability, explore our meeting facilities and enjoy panoramic views from the upper floor of the Tower.

We normally offer tours in our working language (English). Where possible, tours may be offered in German as well.

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