BIS Representative Office for the Americas

The Americas Office's primary activities include:

  • strengthening the relationship of the BIS with central banks and other relevant institutions in the region, and promoting cooperation among them
  • developing research on issues related to regional financial markets, monetary policy or financial stability
  • facilitating the organisation of meetings and networks for central banks to analyse key topics in the region
  • providing the membership the full suite of banking services, including treasury and investment products.

These activities are implemented by the staff of the BIS Americas Office, based in Mexico City.

Consultative Council for the Americas

The Consultative Council for the Americas (CCA) was established in 2008 as an advisory committee to the BIS Board of Directors. It comprises the Governors of BIS member central banks in the Americas: those of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the United States.

BIS Banking in the Americas

The Americas Office serves as the gateway for BIS banking customers' regional investment activities and provides regional customers with access to the full range of the Bank's financial services during New York trading hours, supplementing the Hong Kong and Basel based banking activities.

Research for the Americas

The Americas Office organises and coordinates research networks, conferences and working groups to support timely research on issues affecting American economies and financial stability.

Visiting Economist programme

We host a secondment programme for central bank economists for the Americas to foster closer working relationships with shareholding central banks.