Central bank secondments to the BIS Americas Office

Since 2012, the Americas Office has hosted a secondment programme for central bank economists from the region to foster closer working relationships with BIS shareholding central banks. The programme is part of the BIS's general secondment programme offered to candidates from member central banks.

Programme details

The secondment programme period is typically two years, with extensions or, exceptionally, shorter periods considered as needed. Secondees ("visiting economists") continue to be affiliated with their home institutions during their secondment.

Eligible candidates should be experts working in a mutual area of interest to the BIS. During the programme, secondees are expected to: 

  • contribute to the implementation of central bank activities in the Americas region 
  • carry out research and analysis of interest to the central banks and the BIS, in particular on Latin American economies
  • establish and develop contacts with senior officials at central banks and other financial institutions in the region
  • represent the BIS at meetings and conferences

Current visiting economists

  • Bernardus Van Doornik, Central Bank of Brazil, Oct 2021-
  • Carolina Velazquez, Central Bank of Colombia, Jun 2022 -
  • Jesse Johal, Bank of Canada, Apr 2020-

Previous visiting economists

  • Victor Riquelme, Central Bank of Chile, Jul 2021 – Jun 2022
  • Viviana Alfonso, Central Bank of Colombia, Oct 2019- Oct 2021
  • Rodrigo Barbone, Central Bank of Brazil, Aug 2018-Jan 2021
  • Bárbara Ulloa, Central Bank of Chile, Jan 2018-Dec 2019
  • Marcos Valli, Central Bank of Brazil, Jul 2016-Jul 2018
  • Rocío Gondo, Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Nov 2015-Nov 2017
  • Jose María Serena, Bank of Spain, Oct 2015-Mar 2016
  • Andrés Murcia, Bank of the Republic, Colombia, Nov 2014-Jul 2016
  • Angelo Duarte, Central Bank of Brazil, Apr 2013-Jul 2016
  • Abraham Vela, Bank of Mexico, Sep 2013-Aug 2014