Administrative Tribunal of the BIS (ATBIS)

The Administrative Tribunal of the Bank for International Settlements (ATBIS) was established in 1987. It is composed of five judges. In accordance with Article 4.2 of the Bank's Headquarters Agreement, the ATBIS has exclusive and final jurisdiction to settle any dispute in matters of employment relations that may arise between the Bank and its officials or former officials, or persons claiming through them. In this connection, matters of employment relations shall be deemed to include in particular all questions relating to the interpretation or application of:

a) contracts between the Bank and its officials concerning their employment; and

b) the regulations to which said contracts refer, including the provisions governing the Bank's pension scheme and other welfare arrangements provided by the Bank.

Address of the Registrar of the BIS  Administrative Tribunal:

Prof. Dr. Ramon Mabillard
ATBIS Registrar

burckhardt AG
Steinentorstrasse 23
Postfach 258
CH-4010 Basel