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14 Sep

BIS Quarterly Review September 2014 – International banking and financial market developments . In this issue:

  1. Asset managers in emerging market economies
  2. Risks related to EME corporate balance sheets: the role of leverage and currency mismatch
  3. Cross-border bank lending during the taper tantrum: the role of emerging market fundamentals
  4. Residential property price statistics across the globe
10 Sep

Monetary analysis and the global financial cycle: an Asian central bank perspective (Working Paper)

EM Asia has seen a transformation of its monetary policy environment over the past 2 decades. By far, the most relevant change has been the maturing of its financial systems and the growing relevance of the global financial cycle: financial inclusion has ...

09 Sep

Non-banks in retail payments  (Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures)

Report examines the role of non-banks in retail payment services and analyses the implications of the growing importance of these entities in retail payments.

09 Sep

Developments in collateral management services  (Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures)

Report examines developments in the collateral management services industry and the attendant potential settlement-related benefits and risks.

09 Sep

The effects of intraday foreign exchange market operations in Latin America: results for Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru (Working Paper)

This paper analyses the effects of sterilised, intraday foreign exchange market operations (non-discretionary and discretionary) on foreign exchange returns and volatility in four inflation ...

09 Sep 

A policy model to analyze macroprudential regulations and monetary policy (Working Paper)

We construct a small-open-economy, New Keynesian dynamic stochastic general-equilibrium model with real-financial linkages to analyze the effects of financial shocks and ...

09 Sep

Traditional and matter-of-fact financial frictions in a DSGE model for Brazil: the role of macroprudential instruments and monetary policy (Working Paper)

This paper investigates the transmission channel of macroprudential instruments in a closed economy DSGE model with a rich set of financial frictions. Banks' decisions on risky retail loan concessions are based on borrowers' capacity to settle their debt with labor income. We also introduce frictions in ...

09 Sep

Spillovers, capital inflows and prudential regulation in small open economies (Working Paper)

This paper extends the model of Aoki et al. (2009) considering a two sector small open economy. We study the interaction of borrowing, asset prices, and spillovers between tradable and ...

01 Sep

Cross-Border Banking and Global Liquidity (Working Paper)

We investigate global factors associated with bank capital flows. We formulate a model of the international banking system where global banks interact with local banks. The solution highlights ...

01 Sep

The international monetary and financial system: a capital account historical perspective (Working Paper)

In analysing the performance of the international monetary and financial system (IMFS), too much attention has been paid to the current ...

01 Sep

The international monetary and financial system: its Achilles heel and what to do about it (Working Paper)

This essay argues that the Achilles heel of the international monetary and financial system is that it amplifies the "excess financial elasticity" of domestic policy regimes, ie it exacerbates their ...

Central bankers' speeches
18 Sep
17 Sep
16 Sep
BIS Management speeches
12 Sep

by Hervé Hannoun: Opening remarks - Seventh Irving Fisher Committee Conference on Central Bank Statistics

The focus of today's conference is particularly apt: "Indicators to support Monetary and Financial Stability Analysis: Data Sources and Statistical Methodologies"...

13 Aug

by Claudio Borio: Macroprudential frameworks: (too) great expectations?

Macroprudential frameworks are a welcome response to the Great Financial Crisis. As long argued by the BIS, a stronger systemic orientation is essential if financial stability is to be assured...

29 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: General Manager's speech: Stepping out of the shadow of the crisis: three transitions for the world economy

This year's Annual Report offers our views on current challenges and aims to examine policies that might help us step out of the long shadow of the crisis. Our approach...

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06 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: Redesigning the central bank for financial stability responsibilities

Central banks are being redesigned to better deal with their financial stability responsibilities - in just five years, over 60 central banks' laws have been changed...