29 June 2014

Time to step out of the shadow of the crisis, says BIS in 84th Annual Report

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29 Aug

International Journal of Central Banking (IJCB) , September 2014 issue

27 Aug

Filling in the Blanks: Network Structure and Interbank Contagion (Working Paper)

The network pattern of financial linkages is important in many areas of banking and finance. Yet bilateral linkages are often unobserved, and maximum entropy serves as the leading ...

26 Aug

Understanding the challenges for infrastructure finance (Working Paper)

What is holding back infrastructure investment, even though real long-term interest rates are low and the potential supply of long-term finance is ample? The answer matters to policy makers, because infrastructure is a key ...

21 Aug

The transmission of unconventional monetary policy to the emerging markets (BIS Paper)

Highly accommodative monetary policies in the major advanced economies and the questions about the exit from such policies have created major challenges for policymakers in emerging market economies (EMEs). Quite a few of EMEs that experienced rapid capital inflows and ...

29 Jul

The FRBNY Staff Underlying Inflation Gauge: UIG (Working Paper)

Monetary policymakers and long-term investors would benefit greatly from a measure of underlying inflation that uses all relevant information, is available in real-time, ...

04 Jun

Credit growth, monetary policy, and economic activity in a three-regime TVAR model (Working Paper)

We employ a threshold vector autoregression (TVAR) methodology in order to examine the nonlinear nature of the interactions among credit market conditions, ...

Central bankers' speeches
27 Aug
26 Aug
25 Aug
BIS Management speeches
13 Aug

by Claudio Borio: Macroprudential frameworks: (too) great expectations?

Macroprudential frameworks are a welcome response to the Great Financial Crisis. As long argued by the BIS, a stronger systemic orientation is essential if financial stability is to be assured...

29 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: General Manager's speech: Stepping out of the shadow of the crisis: three transitions for the world economy

This year's Annual Report offers our views on current challenges and aims to examine policies that might help us step out of the long shadow of the crisis. Our approach...

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06 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: Redesigning the central bank for financial stability responsibilities

Central banks are being redesigned to better deal with their financial stability responsibilities - in just five years, over 60 central banks' laws have been changed...

04 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: Financial regulation, complexity and innovation

A lot has been achieved since the financial crisis in the area of banking regulation and supervision. Further important initiatives are under way, and the focus has rightly shifted to implementation...