Research at BIS

The BIS carries out research and analysis to contribute to the understanding of issues of core interest to the central bank community, to assist the organisation of meetings of Governors and other central bank officials and to provide analytical support to the activities of the various Basel-based committees.

The BIS also comments on global economic and financial developments and identifies issues that are of common interest to central banks. The research agenda of the BIS is focused on key areas of interest to central banks, such as monetary and financial stability, monetary policy and exchange rates, financial institutions and infrastructure, financial markets, central bank governance, and legal issues.

The research by BIS economists finds its way into the BIS research publications found on this website, including BIS Papers, Working Papers and Other publications (a compilation of miscellaneous reports).  

What's new

The BIS also publishes the Annual Report, the Quarterly Review and committee publicationsDiscontinued paper series and Group of Ten publications are available as well. You can also find works published by a specific author.

BIS economists work under the guidance of the BIS Economic Adviser to develop the research agenda and produce research papers. They are on occasion joined by secondees or visitors from BIS member central banks. BIS economists work closely with renowned academics, some of whom are invited for discussions or short stays in Basel or the BIS representative offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City. Researchers also organise special meetings and conferences, as well as participate actively in such events at other international organisations, national central banks and universities.