Submitting securities financing transactions (SFT) data to the BIS

As part of its work to transform shadow banking into resilient market-based finance, the Financial Stability Board launched an initiative in November 2015 to collect data on securities financing transactions (SFT), such as securities lending and repurchase agreements. The BIS has agreed to apply its expertise in managing international banking and financial statistics by providing the operational support for the collection and potential dissemination of aggregated SFT data, and to serve as the global data aggregator.

The documents below provide information on how to compile SFT data and submit them to the BIS.

Standards and processes for global securities financing data collection and aggregation (November 2015) PDF
Non-cash collateral re-use: Measure and metrics (January 2017) PDF
Reporting guidelines (March 2018) PDF
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Data structure definition


Standards and processes
explain the scope of the SFT data collection, including potential uses; describe the aggregated data to be reported by national/regional authorities; and set out recommendations regarding the collection of data from market participants.

Reporting guidelines provide definitions and methodology for compiling aggregated data by national/regional authorities. The strict observance of these guidelines is important to ensure the comparability of the reported data across jurisdictions.

FAQ provides a list of frequently asked questions to promote a common approach and to further help national implementation of the SFT Data Standards.

Data structure definition provides codes for submitting SFT data to the BIS.