Debt Securities Issues by UK Residents

Amounts Outstanding at 31 December 2007 £ Billion [1]


Currency Source




Non-residents All issuers
Non-financial corporations Financial corporations General government Households and non-profit institutions serving households[2]    
Domestic market Local currency BISest[3] 209.4 7.2 510.2 4.4 n.a. n.a.

Location of issue

Foreign currencies BISdirect[4] 0.6 8.5 0 0 13.2 22.4



BISest[3] 210.0 15.8 510.2 4.4 n.a. n.a.
International markets Local currency BISdirect[4] 72.1 403.5 0.2 0  
Foreign currencies BISdirect[4] 79.9 1,002.2 1.4 0



BISdirect[4] 152.1 1,405.7 1.7 0
All markets Local currency BISest[3] 281.6 410.8 510.5 4.4
Foreign currencies BISest[3] 80.5 1,010.7





National[5] 362.2 1,421.6[6] 512.0 4.4
  Residence of issuer

[1]The value for each sector is recorded at the end of the accounting period. These items follow the standard instrument classification of ESA95 and are valued at prices and exchange rates current at the end of the period.

[2]The information for households and NPISHs sectors in most cases are less reliable as they do not provide regular returns.

[3]Data is computed using national data and BISdirect data.

[4]Data is compiled directly from various commercial and institutional data providers.

[5]Data is published in the March 2010 volume of the Financial Statistics by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The data are sourced from the ONS and the Bank of England. The Financial Statistics Explanatory Handbook published in December 2009 contains notes and definitions of the tables found in the Financial Statistics publication.

[6]Banks and (from 1987) building societies supply complete quarterly balance sheet information. The quarterly returns from public financial corporations and most other financial institutions only collect information for short-term transactions.