Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX)

What is SDMX?

SDMX ( is an international standard (ISO 17369:2013) for describing and exchanging data and metadata between organisations.

SDMX initially focused on statistical macro aggregates, but has evolved to also support micro data as well as a number of unstructured data formats. While designed with official statistics in mind, SDMX is flexible enough to support many different domains.

The standard is sponsored by the BIS, the ECB, Eurostat, the IMF, the OECD, the World Bank and the UN, which collectively provide governance, set the strategic direction and fund developments of both the standard itself and some of the software tools that support it. It is also supported by the G20 Data Gaps Initiative to foster the standardised transmission of data.

The SDMX standard consists of:

Taken together, these can support enhanced business processes and the harmonisation and standardisation of statistical metadata.

SDMX at the BIS

In addition to acting as a sponsor, the BIS uses SDMX as the standard for the collection, production and dissemination of its own statistics. Those processes include validating, transforming and mapping data sets based on a metadata-driven environment.