Annual Report 2009/10 - Statistics associated with the graphs

The data shown in each graph can be downloaded by following the links in the left side column, below.

Series description is to be found in the corresponding graph, that is linked in the right side column.

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II.1 Asset prices 23
II.2 Economic recovery 24
II.3 Government debt, deficits and sovereign credit premia 26
II.4 Central bank assets and liabilities 28
II.5 Indicators of bank health 30
II.6 Banks' funding pressures 32
II.7 Credit growth and lending standards 34
II.8 Household and government debt 34
III.1 Nominal and real policy rates 36
III.2 Indicators of the search for yield 39
III.3 Indicators of activity in money markets 42
III.4 Commodity exporters and emerging markets 43
III.5 Monetary policy response 44
III.6 Carry-to-risk ratios 45
IV.1 International financial indicators for EMEs 47
IV.2 Factors promoting capital inflows to EMEs 49
IV.3 Foreign exchange reserves 51
IV.4 Foreign exchange reserves, money and credit 53
IV.A Swap pricing and activity: the US dollar and euro against the forint and zloty 57
V.1 General government debt and fiscal balance 59
V.2 Government debt 61
V.3 Future impact of population ageing 63
V.4 Gross public debt projections 66
V.5 Government debt structure 68
V.6 Inflation expectations 70
VI.1 Relative performance of financial stocks 76
VI.2 Financial stocks in extreme market-wide events 76
VI.3 Size of the financial sector 77
VI.4 Scale of international banking 78
VI.5 Maturity profile of bank bonds 79
VI.6 The banking sector around crises 80
VI.7 Perceived credit risks in the financial sector 81
VI.8 Decentralisation of international banking 83
VI.9 Bank financing of external debt 84
VI.10 Pre-crisis characteristics and in-crisis performance of 40 large banks 85
VI.A Impact of greater capital holdings 86
VIII.1 Balance sheet total and customer placements by product 132
VIII.2 Five-year graphical summary 206

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