International Data Hub

The International Data Hub (IDH) was established at the BIS in 2013 to compile, store and analyse confidential credit, funding and balance sheet data of a set of large global financial institutions. Confidential reports based on these data are provided to designated staff members at supervisory authorities in the home jurisdictions of these firms. In addition, upon the approval of all of these authorities, designated staff at selected international financial institutions from time to time receive special reports that draw on these data as an input to their policy work, at an aggregate level to protect the confidentiality of the data. The data cannot be made available to persons outside these agencies and institutions. 

The IDH data capture a variety of indicators to monitor banks' assets, liabilities and off-balance sheet positions. The IDH reports assess interlinkages among the IDH-reporting institutions as well as their exposures to key counterparties across national financial systems, sectors and markets. The data collection and sharing arrangements are overseen by the Hub Governance Group (HGG), comprised of senior supervisory officials from member supervisory authorities. 

The IDH was established pursuant to recommendations of the first and second phases of the Data Gaps Initiative endorsed by the G20 after the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-09. The following documents provide further information on these initiatives: