A review of the work of the Basel Committee in 2022

Speech by Neil Esho, Secretary General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, at the FSI High Level Meeting, Abu Dhabi

BCBS speech  | 
08 December 2022

It is a pleasure to be back in the Middle East after a few years of virtual meetings. This high-level meeting that we co-organise alongside our friends at the Arab Monetary Fund and Financial Stability Institute has always attracted a lot of interest and this year is no exception. I am honoured to see so many of you here today. Fortunately, the timing is such that I am not competing for your attention with the football world cup, which is taking place nearby. I'm not sure that listening to this speech will, for many of you, be as enjoyable as watching the football – I guess that depends on which country you support. But the good news is that my speech will take much less time than a football match, will be less controversial, at least I hope, and is free from any discussion of the merits of VAR. By VAR, I am referring to video assistant referees rather than value-at-risk. Though, it is true, both can be controversial.

As the year is almost ending, in my remarks today I will review some of the key elements of the Basel Committee's work over the past year, and also reflect a little on the Committee's priorities over the coming period.