Rethinking development finance: towards a new "possible trinity" for growth?

Remarks by Mr Luiz Awazu Pereira da Silva, Deputy General Manager of the BIS, at the Atlantic Dialogues 2016, organised by OCP Policy Center and The German Marshall Fund of the United States, Marrakesh, December 2016.

BIS speech  | 
21 February 2017

Development finance is an issue that typically concerns developing countries where numerous, grave socio-economic problems persist, including - and not among the least - the need for stable development finance in higher quantity and of higher quality. However, development finance could also be used today as a growth-enhancing concept applicable to advanced economies, to boost their growth and help their social inclusion. It could contribute to rebalancing macroeconomic policies and move them towards a new "possible trinity": growth based on higher productivity, growth that favours stronger social inclusion and growth that is friendlier to the environment.