Patrick Njoroge: Intermediation towards deepening of financial inclusion

Remarks by Dr Patrick Njoroge, Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, at the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) Sixth Annual Research Conference, Nairobi, 28 September 2017.

The views expressed in this speech are those of the speaker and not the view of the BIS.

Central bank speech  | 
12 October 2017

Good morning! It is an honour for me to join you at the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) Sixth Annual Research Conference. At the outset, let me applaud KBA for organising this annual conference over the last six years. The Conference provides an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on the Kenyan banking sector's transformation journey, its milestones, challenges and opportunities. The theme of the conference "Intermediation towards Deepening of Financial Inclusion" is especially fitting, given Kenya's progress on financial inclusion and pondering the challenges that lie ahead.