Cecilia Skingsley: Should the Riksbank issue e-krona?

Speech by Ms Cecilia Skingsley, Deputy Governor of the Sveriges Riksbank, at FinTech Stockholm 2016, Stockholm, 16 November 2016.

Central bank speech  | 
28 November 2016

Should the Riksbank issue electronic means of payment in the same way as we now issue cash? This is a natural question for a central bank, as technological advances create new opportunities, as the printing press once upon a time made it possible to print banknotes. Banknotes were a complement to the minted coins, and are so today too. Similarly, an electronic means of payment, say an e-krona, could be a complement to physical cash. This is the question I intend to discuss today. The question is particularly relevant for us in Sweden, as cash is being used to a declining extent and is sometimes difficult to get hold of.