Selected BIS work on macrofinancial issues

6 February 2008

Owing to significant interest in macrofinancial and macroprudential topics, the following collection of BIS research and speeches has been compiled.


BIS Papers contributions

Mar 2001
Procyclicality of the financial system and financial stability: issues and policy options

by Claudio Borio, Craig Furfine and Philip Lowe in BIS papers no 1 "Marrying the macro- and micro-prudential dimensions of financial stability"

BIS Working Papers

Dec 2007
What can (macro-)prudential policy do to support monetary policy?

Working papers no 242 by Claudio Borio and Ilhyock Shim

Oct 2007
Change and constancy in the financial system: implications for financial distress and policy

Working papers no 237 by Claudio E V Borio

Sep 2006
Monetary and prudential policies at a crossroads? New challenges in the new century

Working papers no 216 by Claudio E V Borio

Apr 2006
Is price stability enough?

Working papers no 205 by William R White

Jan 2006
Procyclicality in the financial system: do we need a new macrofinancial stabilisation framework?

Working papers no 193 by William R White

Sep 2005
Accounting, prudential regulation and financial stability: elements of a synthesis

Working papers no 180 by Claudio E V Borio and Kostas Tsatsaronis

Jul 2004
Securing sustainable price stability: should credit come back from the wilderness?

Working papers no 157 by Claudio E V Borio and Philip Lowe

Feb 2004
Whither monetary and financial stability? the implications of evolving policy regimes

Working papers no 147 by Claudio E V Borio and William R White

Jan 2004
Are changes in financial structure extending safety nets?

Working papers no 145 by William R White

Feb 2003
Towards a macroprudential framework for financial supervision and regulation?

Working papers no 128 by Claudio E V Borio

Jul 2002
Asset prices, financial and monetary stability: exploring the nexus

Working papers no 114 by Claudio Borio and Philip Lowe

Annual Report chapters