Macroprudential policy - a literature review

Published in: Journal of Economic Surveys, vol 27, no 5, 2013, pp 846-78.

BIS Working Papers  |  No 337  | 
02 February 2011


The recent financial crisis has highlighted the need to go beyond a purely micro approach to financial regulation and supervision. In recent months, the number of policy speeches, research papers and conferences that discuss a macro perspective on financial regulation has grown considerably. The policy debate is focusing in particular on macroprudential tools and their usage, their relationship with monetary policy, their implementation and their effectiveness. Macroprudential policy has recently also attracted considerable attention among researchers. This paper provides an overview of research on this topic. We also identify important future research questions that emerge from both the literature and the current policy debate.

JEL Classification: E58, G28

Keywords: macroprudential policy