Triennial Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity 1995 - Final results


This report presents the final results and main findings from a survey of foreign exchange and derivatives market activity which was carried out in the spring of 1995 by central banks and monetary authorities in 26 countries in their local markets. The report comprises five parts: Part I is a summary which provides an overview of the main results of the combined survey. Part II discusses in detail the results of the foreign exchange part of the survey. In this part consideration is only given to turnover in traditional foreign exchange market instruments, i.e. spot, outright forward and foreign exchange swap transactions. The results for turnover, notional amounts outstanding and market values of derivative instruments are covered in Part III. Since outright forwards and foreign exchange swaps are also derivative instruments, the relevant turnover data are included in the discussion of both markets. Part IV contains a description of the methodology, detailing definitions, classification principles and compilation procedures. Part V is a statistical annex which contains tables with the detailed survey results.