Handbook on Securities Statistics

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07 September 2010

Updated 28 November 2012

The Handbook on Securities Statistics will be produced in stages. The first part focuses on debt securities issues. The second part focuses on debt securities holdings. The third part focuses on equity securities issues and holdings.

Review Group

A review group for the Handbook on Securities Statistics was established, consisting of officials from national central banks and relevant statistical agencies, as well as those from international and regional organizations with an active interest and expertise in debt securities statistics. Members of the review group commented on drafts of the Handbook and actively participated in a review group meeting held during October 28-29, 2008 in Basel, Switzerland, and during March 15-16, 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Review Period

Drafts of the first and second parts of the Handbook on Securities Statistics benefitted from worldwide comments during the review periods.

Next Steps

It is anticipated that the Handbook may be gradually extended to cover issues and holdings of other types of securities. More specific compilation guidelines may also be developed, including the establishment of national and international security-by-security databases.