Market intelligence gathering at Central Banks

Markets Committee Papers  |  No 8  | 
15 December 2016

'Market intelligence' (MI) refers to the information, primarily qualitative in nature, that central banks gather through direct interaction and dialogue with market participants. This descriptive paper seeks to increase understanding of the MI activities that are conducted by central banks. It demonstrates that MI gathering can be conducted via a number of different models dependent on the central bank, its remit, size and resources. The paper highlights the importance of market intelligence to central banks. A key focus of the paper is on the recent evolution of MI activity, both in terms of markets and institutions as well as in terms of the organisational models for the collection, synthesis and dissemination of MI. Furthermore, the paper describes what central banks do with the information they collect, including how it is recorded and distributed, as well as the treatment of sensitive or confidential information.

JEL classification: C81, E52, E58, G38

Keywords: Market intelligence, central banking, qualitative data collection, organisational models