Discontinued papers series

Policy papers 1996-2000

No. 8, Managing foreign debt and liquidity risks September 2000
No. 7, Strengthening the Banking System in China: Issues and Experience October 1999 (English, Chinese)
No. 6, Bank restructuring in practice August 1999
No. 5, Monetary policy operating procedures in emerging market economies March 1999
No. 4, Managing change in payment systems May 1998
No. 3, The transmission mechanism of monetary policy in emerging market economies January 1998
No. 2, Monetary policy in the nordic countries: Experiences since 1992 October 1997
No. 1, Changing financial systems in small open economies January 1996

Conference papers 1995-2000

BIS Economic Papers 1979-1997

No. 47, The implementation of monetary policy in industrial countries: a survey
by Claudio E V Borio, August 1997

No. 46, Banking crises in emerging economies: origins and policy options
by Morris Goldstein and Philip Turner, November 1996

No. 45, The economics of recent bond yield volatility
by Claudio E V Borio and Robert N McCauley, July 1996

No. 44, Capital flows in Latin America: a new phase
by Philip Turner, May 1995

No. 43, The changing borders of banking: trends and implications
by Claudio E V Borio and Renato Filosa, December 1994

No. 42, Corporate governance in central Europe: the role of banks
by Peter Dittus, August 1994

No.41, Corporate governance in an international perspective: a survey of corporate control mechanisms among large firms in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany
by Stephen Prowse, July 1994

No. 40, Exploring aggregate asset price fluctuations across countries: measurement, determinants and monetary policy implications
by C E V Borio, N Kennedy and S D Prowse, April 1994

No. 39, Measuring international price and cost competitiveness
by Philip Turner and Jozef Van't dack, November 1993

No. 38, The management of foreign exchange reserves
by Scott Roger, July 1993

No. 37, Commercial paper markets: a survey
by J S Alworth and C E V Borio, April 1993

No. 36, The nature and management of payment system risks: an international perspective
by Claudio E V Borio and Paul Van den Bergh, February 1993

No. 35, The valuation of US dollar interest rate swaps
by Julian S Alworth, January 1993

No. 34, The liberalisation of Japan's financial markets: some major themes
by Masahiko Takeda and Philip Turner, November 1992

No. 33, Budget policy and the decline of national saving revisited
by Michael M Hutchison, March 1992

No. 32, The development of the international bond market
by Richard Benzie, January 1992

No. 31, Aggregate demand, uncertainty and oil prices: the 1990 oil shock in comparative perspective
by Michael M Hutchison, August 1991

No. 30, Capital flows in the 1980s: a survey of major trends
by Philip Turner, April 1991

No. 29, Developments in external and internal balances: a selective and eclectic review
by Palle S Andersen, October 1990

No. 28, Banks' involvement in highly leveraged transactions
by Claudio E V Borio, October 1990

No. 27, Leverage and financing of non-financial companies: an international perspective
by Claudio E V Borio, May 1990

No. 26, Japan's experience of financial deregulation since 1984 in an international perspective
by K Osugi, January 1990

No. 25, The US external deficit and associated shifts in international portfolios
by Michael Dealtry and Jozef Van't dack, September 1989

No. 24, Inflation and output: a review of the wage-price mechanism
by Palle S Andersen, January 1989

No. 23, Changes in central bank money market operating procedures in the 1980s
by J T Kneeshaw and P Van den Bergh, January 1989

No. 22, Reserves and international liquidity
by Monetary and Economic Department, June 1988

No. 21, Financial market activity of life insurance companies and pension funds
by E P Davis, January 1988

No. 20, Rising sectoral debt/income ratios: a cause for concern?
by E P Davis, June 1987

No. 19, Financial market supervision: some conceptual issues
by Jeffrey C Marquardt, May 1987

No. 18, The evolution of reserve currency diversification
by Akinari Horii, December 1986

No. 17, Portfolio behaviour of the non-financial private sectors in the major economies
by E P Davis, September 1986

No. 16, Private ECUs - potential macro-economic policy dimensions
by Helmut W Mayer, April 1986

No. 15, Interaction between the Euro-currency markets and the exchange markets
by Helmut W Mayer, May 1985

No. 14, The stability of money demand functions: an alternative approach
by Palle S Andersen, April 1985

No. 13, International interest rate relationships: policy choices and constraints
by J T Kneeshaw and P Van den Bergh, January 1985

No. 12, Interest rate futures: an innovation in financial techniques for the management of risks
by A B Frankel, September 1984

No. 11, Inflation, recession and recovery: a nominal income analysis of the process of global disinflation
by John A Bispham, February 1984

No. 10, Adjustment performance of open economies: some international comparisons
by W D McClam and P S Andersen, December 1983

No. 9, Financial innovations and their implications for monetary policy: an international perspective
by M A Akhtar December 1983

No. 8, The international interbank market: a descriptive study
by Monetary and Economic Department, July 1983

No. 7, Monetary aggregates and economic activity: evidence from five industrial countries
by Geoffrey E J Dennis, June 1983

No. 6, Official intervention in the exchange markets: stabilising or destabilising?
by Helmut Mayer and Hiroo Taguchi, March 1983

No. 5, The theory and practice of floating exchange rates and the role of official exchange-market intervention
by Helmut Mayer, February 1982

No. 4, Theories of the growth of the Euro-currency market: a review of the Euro-currency deposit multiplier
by R B Johnston, May 1981

No. 3, "Rules versus discretion": an essay on monetary policy in an inflationary environment
by Alexandre Lamfalussy, April 1981

No. 2, US monetary aggregates, income velocity and the Euro-dollar market
by Warren D McClam, April 1980

No. 1, Credit and liquidity creation in the international banking sector
by Helmut Mayer, November 1979