Regulatory change and monetary policy

Report submitted by a Working Group established by the Committee on the Global Financial System and the Markets Committee. The Group was chaired by Ulrich Bindseil (European Central Bank) and William R Nelson (Federal Reserve Board).

CGFS, Markets Committee Papers  |  No 54  | 
20 May 2015

Financial regulation is evolving, as policymakers seek to strengthen the financial system in order to make it more robust and resilient. Changes in the regulatory environment are likely to have an impact on financial system structure and on the behaviour of financial intermediaries that central banks will need to take into account in how they implement monetary policy.

Against this background, this report assesses the combined impact of key new regulations on monetary policy. It is based on information from a range of sources, including central bank case studies as well as structured interviews with private sector market participants. It argues that the likely impacts of the new financial regulations on financial institutions and markets should have only limited and manageable effects on monetary policy operations and transmission. Hence, as necessary, central banks should be able to make adjustments within their existing policy frameworks and in ways that preserve policy effectiveness. These adjustments will tend to differ across jurisdictions according to the financial systems and policy frameworks in place. Specific implications, and examples of potential policy responses, are set out and elaborated in more detail in the report.

JEL classification: E52, G21, L50

Keywords: Monetary operations, central banking, financial regulation