The functioning and resilience of cross-border funding markets

CGFS, Markets Committee Papers  |  No 37  | 
24 March 2010


The financial crisis that began in 2007 was accompanied by unprecedented funding market dislocations, which spilled across time zones and currencies. The resulting market disruptions triggered policy responses on a global scale, raising questions about the functioning and resilience of the various funding markets on which internationally active banks had relied.

This report, prepared by a joint study group of the Committee on the Global Financial System and the Markets Committee, presents an assessment of this episode of global market disruptions. Under the chairmanship of Guy Debelle of the Reserve Bank of Australia, the study group documented in this report the pre-crisis pattern of cross-border funding among internationally active financial institutions, reviewed what happened in various funding markets as the crisis unfolded and the policy responses that ensued, and distilled five policy lessons from the experience.

JEL classification: E58, F31, G01, G15