The price, real and financial effects of exchange rates

BIS Papers  |  No 96  | 
28 March 2018

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) co-hosted a research conference on "The price, real and financial effects of exchange rates " on 28-29 August 2017 in Hong Kong. The event was the wrap-up conference of a research programme of the BIS Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific on exchange rates that had been endorsed by the Asian Consultative Council of central bank Governors in February 2016.

The conference brought together senior officials and researchers from central banks, international organisations and academia. This volume is a collection of the speeches, papers and prepared discussant remarks from the conference. Topics covered include exchange rate puzzles; deviations from covered interest parity; devaluations and intraregional trade; exchange rates and corporate risk-taking; FX hedging and creditors' rights; and a risk-taking channel of FX reserves accumulation. The foreword summarises the contents of the conference and provides a synopsis of the discussions for time-constrained readers.