Long-term issues for central banks

BIS Papers  |  No 92  | 
07 August 2017

The 15th BIS Annual Conference took place in Lucerne, Switzerland, on 24 June 2016. The event brought together a distinguished group of central bank Governors, leading academics and former public officials to exchange views on the topic "Long-term issues for central banks". The papers presented at the conference and the discussants' comments are released as BIS Working Papers 653 to 656. 

BIS Papers no 92 contains the opening address by Jaime Caruana (General Manager, BIS) and remarks by Kevin Warsh (Hoover Institution and Stanford Graduate School of Business).

Dollar pricing redux, BIS Working Papers No 653
by Camila Casas, Federico Díez, Gita Gopinath, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
Comments by Philip Lane and Richard Baldwin

World changes in inequality: an overview of facts, causes, consequences and policies, BIS Working Papers No 654
by François Bourguignon
Comments by Barry Eichengreen and Raquel Fernández

The FinTech Opportunity, BIS Working Papers No 655
by Thomas Philippon
Comments by Ross Levine

Demographics will reverse three multi-decade global trends, BIS Working Papers No 656
by Charles Goodhart
Comments by Masaaki Shirakawa and Alan Auerbach

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