Financial sector regulation for growth, equity and stability

BIS Papers  |  No 62  | 
11 January 2012

The financial crisis has demonstrated the need to better understand the complex interactions between the financial system and the real economy. While stability has become the main focus of the regulatory changes, the implications for growth and equity are also important. To think through these issues and provide an emerging market perspective, CAFRAL, in collaboration with the Bank for International Settlements, organised an international conference of central banks and regulators on "Financial regulation and its implications for growth equity and stability in the post crisis world" in Mumbai on 15th and 16th November 2011.

Several international experts and 26 representatives from 21 central banks/regulators joined Reserve Bank of India's Governor Duvvuri Subbarao and BIS General Manager Jaime Caruana at this conference. This volume is a collection of the speeches, papers and summaries of discussions in the conference.