The international financial crisis and policy challenges in Asia and the Pacific

BIS Papers No 52
July 2010

This volume is a collection of the speeches, presentations and papers from a conference on "The international financial crisis and policy challenges in Asia and the Pacific". The event was co-hosted by the People's Bank of China (PBC) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to mark the formal completion of the BIS Asian Research Programme. It was held on 6-8 August 2009 in Shanghai, China, at the same location where the establishment of the Programme was first announced in 2006. Senior officials from all 12 Asian Consultative Council (ACC) central banks, as well as academic scholars and economists from the BIS Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific attended the conference. The formal addresses included speeches by Jaime Caruana, General Manager of the BIS, Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Chair of the ACC and Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia, and Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the PBC. The conference provided an opportunity to re-examine the existing approaches to preserving monetary and financial stability in Asia and the Pacific, in the light of the lessons of the international financial crisis. Even though the impact of the crisis was more muted in this region than elsewhere, there are many lessons to be learned.

JEL classification: E5, F3, G01, G2

Background paper

Session 1: Development of financial markets in Asia and the Pacific

Session 2: Monetary policy and exchange rate issues in Aisa and the Pacific

Session 3: Financial stability issues in Asia and the Pacific