Inflation dynamics in Asia and the Pacific

BIS Papers  |  No 111  | 
25 March 2020

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) co-hosted a conference on "Inflation dynamics in Asia and the Pacific" on 19-20 August 2019 in Manila, the Philippines. The conference marked the completion of the BIS Asian Office's two-year research programme on "Central bank policy under changing inflation dynamics: challenges for Asia-Pacific" that had been endorsed by the Asian Consultative Council central bank Governors in November 2017.

The conference brought together senior officials and researchers from central banks and academics. This volume is a collection of the speeches, papers and prepared discussant remarks from the conference. Papers presented at the conference covered the drivers of inflation in advanced and emerging market economies; the implications of robots for labour and inflation; the pass-through from short-horizon to long-horizon inflation expectations; an ageing workforce and inflation; strategic complementarity and asymmetric price setting among firms; and the impact of relative price changes and asymmetric adjustments on aggregate inflation.