The banking industry in the emerging market economies: competition, consolidation and systemic stability

BIS Papers  |  No 4  | 
02 August 2001

Recent developments in the banking industry in emerging economies, such as competition and consolidation, and their implications for systemic stability, were discussed at a meeting of senior central bankers held at the BIS in December 2000. Revised versions of the overview paper prepared by the BIS for the meeting, and papers prepared by the attendees on developments in their own economies, are included in this volume of BIS Papers. The developments are being driven by technological innovation, deregulation and changes in corporate behaviour, in some cases accentuated by recent banking crises. Important aspects include privatisation of state-owned banks, mergers of domestic banks and entry of foreign banks. Although prepared independently, in some ways this volume discussing developments in emerging economies complements the G10 volume Report on Consolidation in the Financial Sector which discusses developments in the advanced economies.