Intra-Group Transactions and Exposures Principles

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BCBS  | 
15 December 1999
Status:  Superseded
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Topics: Credit risk

The papers released outline principles for banking, securities and insurance supervisors for ensuring through the regulatory and supervisory process, the prudent management and control of (1) risk concentrations (RCs) and (2) intra-group transactions and exposures (ITEs).

The papers being released form part of the compendium of documents that were published in February of this year dealing with the supervision of financial conglomerates. The RC and ITE documents form part of the overall work outlined in the mandate of the Joint Forum and should be read in that context. These documents are a significant step forward in addressing some of the most important supervisory issues arising from the emergence of financial conglomerates and the blurring of distinctions between the activities of firms in each of the banking, securities and insurance sectors.

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