The Core Principles Methodology

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BCBS  | 
11 October 1999
Status:  Superseded

Note: a 2006 version of the Core Principles Methodology has now been issued.

The Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision issued in September 1997 represent a global standard for prudential regulation and supervision. The vast majority of countries have endorsed the Core Principles and have declared their intention to implement them. As a first step to full implementation, an assessment of the current situation of a country's compliance with the Principles should take place. To assist the assessment process, the Basel Committee has developed a methodology for use in compliance assessments. This document The Core Principles Methodology is now being publicly released. The Committee sees the formulation of this document as an iterative process, with refinements made as experience is gained. Developments of regulatory and supervisory standards and procedures will lead to additions and revisions. Thus, this document will be updated periodically.