Basel III counterparty credit risk - Frequently asked questions

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BCBS  | 
21 November 2011
Status:  Superseded
Topics: Credit risk

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has received a number of interpretation questions related to the 16 December 2010 publication of the Basel III regulatory frameworks for capital and liquidity and the 13 January 2011 press release on the loss absorbency of capital at the point of non-viability. To help ensure a consistent global implementation of Basel III, the Committee has agreed to periodically review frequently asked questions and publish answers along with any technical elaboration of the rules text and interpretative guidance that may be necessary.

This document sets out the first set of frequently asked questions that relate to the counterparty credit risk sections of the Basel III rules text. The questions and answers are grouped according to the relevant paragraphs of the rules text.

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I. Default counterparty credit risk charge 1
(a) Effective Expected Positive Exposure (EPE) with stressed parameters  1
(b) Collateralised counterparties and margin period of risk 3
II. Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA) risk capital charge 5
(a) Standardised CVA capital charge 5
(b) Advanced CVA capital charge 6
(c) Eligible hedges 8
(d) Treatment of incurred CVA 9
III. Asset value correlations 9