68th Annual Report, 1997/98

BIS Annual Economic Report  | 
08 June 1998

Basle, 8th June 1998

The 68th Annual Report of the Bank for International Settlements for the financial year which began on 1st April 1997 and ended on 31st March 1998 was submitted to the Annual General Meeting of the Bank held in Basle, Switzerland on 8th June 1998.

BIS 68th Annual report by chapter:

  • Table of Contents, Letter of Transmittal (9 pages)
  • I. Introduction: distinguishing symptoms from causes (7 pages)
  • II. Developments in the advanced industrial countries (23 pages)
  • III. Economic policies and developments in the rest of the world (22 pages)
  • IV. Monetary policy in the advanced industrial countries (21 pages)
  • V. Asset prices and the asset management industry (22 pages)
  • VI. Exchange rates and capital flows (19 pages)
  • VII. Financal intermediation and the Asian crisis (25 pages)
  • VIII. International financial markets (20 pages)
  • IX. Conclusion: identifying risks and preventive measures (9 pages)
  • Activities of the Bank; Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account at 31st March 1998; Board of Directors; Management (31 pages)