BIS membership enlargement

Press release  | 
08 November 1999

At its meeting on 8 November 1999, the Board of Directors decided to invite the five central banks listed below to become members of the Bank for International Settlements by subscribing for shares of the third tranche of the capital of the BIS. The institutions in question, which have been increasingly involved in central bank cooperation at the BIS in recent years and already make a substantial contribution to the Bank's activities, are as follows:

  • Banco Central de la República Argentina
  • European Central Bank
  • Bank Indonesia
  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Bank of Thailand

Formal accession to membership by these institutions will take place as soon as the necessary formalities relating to the subscription of shares of the third tranche of the Bank's capital have been completed.

The BIS looks forward to further strengthening central bank cooperation from the admission to membership of the five institutions.