BIS Institute for Financial Stability

Press release  | 
12 March 1998

The need to strengthen financial systems worldwide has led to increased demand for assistance in implementing sound policies in all areas bearing on financial system stability. To help respond to these demands, and to improve the effectiveness with which training is planned, co-ordinated and delivered, the BIS in a joint initiative with the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision is establishing an Institute for Financial Stability.

The BIS Institute will be engaged in three principal activities: the organisation of high-level seminars directed at key policy making officials in central banks and supervisory agencies; the provision of training on a regional basis for groups of senior officials that implement policies; and acting as a clearing house for the co-ordination and provision of technical assistance by central banks and supervisory bodies. Its seminar and course activities will be designed by Institute staff in co-operation with supervisory and central bank officials, as well as industry and academic experts. The Institute will work closely with the principal supervisory bodies, as well as with other international organisations engaged in training functions.

An early focus for the Institute's activities will be to provide guidance in the practical implementation of the Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision, drawn up by the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision in conjunction with officials from a range of emerging market countries.

The Institute will be guided by a small Advisory Board composed of senior officials and industry experts from developed as well as emerging market economies, and senior representatives of the principal international groupings responsible for developing sound principles and practices for financial system stability.

The Institute is expected to commence its activities some time in the second half of this year.