Fifth issue of shares in the third tranche of the BIS's capital

Press release  | 
12 May 1997

At its meeting on 12th May 1997, the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements decided to invite the:

  • Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • National Bank of Croatia;
  • National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia; and
  • Bank of Slovenia

to subscribe new shares in the third tranche of the capital of the BIS. These institutions will become shareholders of the BIS when the necessary formalities relating to their subscription of shares in the Bank have been completed.

The subscription of new shares, which are to be cancelled once a comprehensive solution can be reached with respect to the old Yugoslav issue of shares in the capital of the BIS, will in no way affect the legal status of or prejudice any decision with respect to the division of that issue. In this regard, the BIS of course continues to be in contact with all interested parties.