BIS General Manager Agustín Carstens statement on the nomination of Joachim Nagel as President of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Press release  | 
20 December 2021

Bank for International Settlements General Manager Agustín Carstens made the following statement today on the announcement by German Finance Minister Christian Lindner that he and Chancellor Olaf Scholz agree to propose Joachim Nagel as the new President of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

"I want to warmly congratulate Joachim. Since he joined the BIS, he has made a significant contribution as part of our senior management team. His extensive knowledge of central banking, markets, and economics, combined with his leadership experience and international expertise has helped to shape our banking activities and steer the development of our BIS Innovation 2025 strategy."

"We are deeply grateful for the impact he has had, not only in our Banking department but also across the wider bank, especially as a supporter of our diversity and inclusion agenda."

"Though it is with regret that we say farewell to him in this role, we are proud to see him take on this important public service position. We look forward to welcoming Joachim as a member of our Board of Directors."