Guidance on credit risk and accounting for expected credit losses issued by the Basel Committee

Press release  | 
18 December 2015

The Basel Committee has today issued Guidance on credit risk and accounting for expected credit losses. The document replaces the Committee's Sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans published in 2006.

Comprising 11 principles, the guidance sets out supervisory expectations for banks relating to sound credit risk practices associated with implementing and applying an expected credit loss (ECL) accounting framework. Among these principles, three provide guidelines for supervisory evaluation of credit risk practices, accounting for expected credit losses and the related supervisor's assessment of a bank's capital adequacy. The document is intended to set out guidelines on accounting for expected credit losses regardless of the applicable accounting standards.

The move to ECL accounting frameworks by accounting standard setters is an important step forward in addressing the weakness identified during the financial crisis that credit loss recognition was too little, too late. The development of ECL accounting frameworks is also consistent with the April 2009 call by the G20 Leaders for accounting standard setters to "strengthen accounting recognition of loan loss provisions by incorporating a broader range of credit information".

A consultative version of the guidance was published on 2 February 2015.