Implementation of the Basel III Framework

Press release  | 
14 December 2012

At its meeting on 13-14 December, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision discussed the progress of its members in implementing the capital adequacy reforms within Basel III.

The Basel Committee has been actively monitoring on a continuing basis the progress of members in implementing the Basel III package of regulatory reforms, as well as the implementation of Basel II and Basel 2.5. To date, it has published three progress reports and two reports to the G20.

The number of member jurisdictions that have published the final set of Basel III regulations effective from the start date of 1 January 2013 is 11. These include Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa and Switzerland. Seven other jurisdictions - Argentina, Brazil, the European Union, Indonesia, Korea, Russia and the United States - have issued draft regulations, and have indicated they are working towards issuing final versions as quickly as possible. Turkey will issue draft regulations early in 2013.

Stefan Ingves, Chairman of the Basel Committee and Governor of the Sveriges Riksbank, said "While some jurisdictions have not been able to meet the planned start date, a large number will be ready to begin introducing the new capital requirements as planned on 1 January 2013."

Mr Ingves also said, "The globally agreed timeline includes a number of milestones from 2013 to 2019, designed to provide for a gradual phasing in of the new capital requirements. It is expected that as remaining jurisdictions finalise their domestic regulations during 2013, they will incorporate all the remaining transitional deadlines in line with the original global agreement, even where they have not been able to meet the 1 January 2013 start date. Hence, by the end of 2013, almost all Basel Committee jurisdictions will be implementing Basel III in accordance with the agreed timetable. This is an absolutely critical step towards strengthening the resilience of the global banking system."

"Furthermore", Mr Ingves added, "even though there are delays in implementing the regulations, national supervisors are ensuring that internationally active banks are, where necessary, making steady progress in strengthening their capital base in accordance with the Basel III framework."

All Basel Committee members have reiterated their commitment to implement the globally-agreed reforms, and several members are due to undergo a peer review of the consistency of their final regulations during 2013. At the conclusion of this set of peer reviews, all jurisdictions that are the home regulator for global systemically important banks (G-SIBs) will have been subject to a peer review of their Basel III implementation. Other jurisdictions will be subject to peer reviews shortly thereafter. 

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