OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2009

Press release  | 
12 November 2009

Notional amounts of all types of OTC contracts rebounded somewhat to stand at $605 trillion at the end of June 2009, 10% above the level six months before. In contrast, gross market values decreased by 21% to $25 trillion. Similarly, gross credit exposures fell by 18% from an end-2008 peak of $4.5 trillion to $3.7 trillion. Meanwhile, notional amounts of CDS contracts continued to decline, albeit at a slower pace than in the second half of 2008, and CDS gross market values shrank by 42%, following an increase of 60% during the previous six-month period.

Comprehensive explanatory notes in the release define the coverage of the statistics and the terms used in presenting them.

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The BIS expects to release the OTC derivatives statistics for the second half of 2009 no later than 10 May 2010.