BIS consolidated banking statistics for the third quarter of 2003

Press release  | 
30 January 2004

The BIS is today releasing consolidated banking statistics end-September 2003. These statistics provide an insight into the nature and extent of banks' foreign exposures, as well as supplementary information about countries' external indebtedness.

The first section highlights significant trends and structural breaks. Trends in the third quarter of 2003 were:

  • Signs of life in euro area lending to the non-bank private sector;
  • Claims on emerging markets shift towards the public sector.
  • Detailed explanatory notes are included which define the terms used to present the statistics. Statistical tables follow the explanatory notes.

    Questions arising from these statistics can be directed to Patrick McGuire (tel: +41 61 280 8921; e-mail: or Swapan Pradhan (tel: +41 61 280 8491; e-mail:

    The BIS expects to release consolidated banking statistics for the fourth quarter of 2003 no later than 30 April 2004.