Improved BIS website launched today

Press release  | 
12 March 2001

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) announced today that its redesigned and improved website is now available at

Visitors to the site will find:

  • a search engine;
  • a refined information layout;
  • dramatically improved navigation;
  • a wealth of data about central banking, the work of the various committees housed at the BIS, and current facts about the BIS in general;
  • BIS publications and statistics; and
  • a stylish new look and feel.

Mr William White, Head of the BIS's Monetary and Economic Department, said today, "We consider that the BIS website is one of the most important and effective means of communicating with researchers, central banks, the media, and people interested in our work on monetary and financial stability."

Website Project Manager Mr Timo Laurmaa added, "As well as the site having a new look and feel, visitors to the website will be able to access the information published on it far more easily than ever before."

Any comments or queries about the new BIS website should be directed to