Working Papers - 2012

Date Titles
Dec 2012
No 401

Why do firms issue abroad? Lessons from onshore and offshore corporate bond finance in Asian emerging markets

by Paul Mizen, Frank Packer, Eli M Remolona and Serafeim Tsoukas

Dec 2012
No 400

Capital Flows and the Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy

by Valentina Bruno and Hyun Song Shin

Dec 2012
No 399

Global safe assets

by Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Olivier Jeanne

Dec 2012
No 398

The great leveraging

by Alan M. Taylor

Dec 2012
No 397

Financial Globalisation and the Crisis

by Philip R Lane

Dec 2012
No 396

Systematic monetary policy and the forward premium puzzle

by Demosthenes N. Tambakis and Nikola Tarashev

Dec 2012
No 395

The financial cycle and macroeconomics: what have we learnt?

by Claudio Borio

Dec 2012
No 394

Unmitigated disasters? New evidence on the macroeconomic cost of natural catastrophes

by Goetz von Peter, Sebastian von Dahlen and Sweta C Saxena

Dec 2012
No 393

Interpreting TARGET2 balances

by Stephen G Cecchetti, Robert Neil McCauley and Patrick McGuire

Nov 2012
No 392

Liquidity in Government versus Covered Bond Markets

by Jens Dick-Nielsen, Jacob Gyntelberg and Thomas Sangill

Nov 2012
No 391

Emerging market local currency bonds: diversification and stability

by Ken Miyajima, Madhusudan Mohanty and Tracy Chan

Oct 2012
No 390

The liquidity consequences of the euro area sovereign debt crisis

by William A Allen and Richhild Moessner

Oct 2012
No 389

Currency intervention and the global portfolio balance effect: Japanese lessons

by Petra Gerlach-Kristen, Robert Neil McCauley and Kazuo Ueda

Sep 2012
No 388

Monetary policy in a downturn: Are financial crises special?

by Morten Linnemann Bech, Leonardo Gambacorta and Enisse Kharroubi

Sep 2012
No 387

Does US GDP stall?

by Wai-Yip Alex Ho and James Yetman

Sep 2012
No 386

The Social Value of Policy Signals

by Stefan Avdjiev, Patrick McGuire and Nikola Tarashev

Sep 2012
No 385

Ageing, property prices and money demand

by Kiyohiko G Nishimura and Előd Takáts

Aug 2012
No 384

The Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound: A Cross-Country Analysis

by Leonardo Gambacorta, Boris Hofmann and Gert Peersman

Jul 2012
No 383

Public recapitalisations and bank risk: evidence from loan spreads and leverage

by Michael Brei and Blaise Gadanecz

Jul 2012
No 382

Risk-on/risk-off, capital flows, leverage and safe assets

by Robert Neil McCauley

Jul 2012
No 381

Reassessing the impact of finance on growth

by Stephen G Cecchetti and Enisse Kharroubi

Jun 2012
No 380

Characterising the financial cycle: don't lose sight of the medium term!

by Mathias Drehmann, Claudio Borio and Kostas Tsatsaronis

May 2012
No 379

When capital adequacy and interest rate policy are substitutes (and when they are not)

by Stephen G Cecchetti and Marion Kohler

Apr 2012
No 378

Ensuring price stability in post-crisis Asia: lessons from the recovery

by Andrew Filardo

Apr 2012
No 377

Rapid credit growth and international credit: challenges for Asia

by Stefan Avdjiev, Robert Neil McCauley and Patrick McGuire

Apr 2012
No 376

Systemic risk in global banking: what can available data tell us and what more data are needed?

by Eugenio Cerutti, Stijn Claessens and Patrick McGuire

Apr 2012
No 375

Loan loss provisioning practices of Asian banks

by Frank Packer and Haibin Zhu

Mar 2012
No 374

A Comprehensive Look at Financial Volatility Prediction by Economic Variables

by Charlotte Christiansen, Maik Schmeling and Andreas Schrimpf

Mar 2012
No 373

Collateral requirements for mandatory central clearing of over-the-counter derivatives

by Daniel Heller and Nicholas Vause

Feb 2012
No 372

Inflation Dynamics in the Presence of Informal Labour Markets

by Paul Castillo and Carlos Montoro

Feb 2012
No 371

Stochastic Herding in Financial Markets Evidence from Institutional Investor Equity Portfolios

by Makoto Nirei, Theodoros Stamatiou and Vladyslav Sushko

Feb 2012
No 370

Credit at times of stress: Latin American lessons from the global financial crisis

by Carlos Montoro and Liliana Rojas-Suarez

Jan 2012
No 369

Stress-testing macro stress testing: does it live up to expectations?

by Claudio Borio, Mathias Drehmann and Kostas Tsatsaronis

Jan 2012
No 368

The sustainability of pension schemes

by Srichander Ramaswamy