Working Papers - 2010

Date Titles
Dec 2010
No 335

To err is human: rating agencies and the interwar foreign government debt crisis

by Marc Flandreau, Norbert Gaillard and Frank Packer

Dec 2010
No 334

Why issue bonds offshore?

by Susan Black and Anella Munro

Dec 2010
No 333

Banking crises and the international monetary system in the Great Depression and now

by Richhild Moessner and William A Allen

Nov 2010
No 332

The impact of CDS trading on the bond market: evidence from Asia

by Ilhyock Shim and Haibin Zhu

Nov 2010
No 331

Central banks and competition authorities: institutional comparisons and new concerns

by John Vickers

Nov 2010
No 330

Minimising monetary policy

by Peter Stella

Nov 2010
No 329

The governance of financial regulation: reform lessons from the recent crisis

by Ross Levine

Nov 2010
No 328

The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the rise of the dollar as an international currency, 1914-39

by Barry Eichengreen and Marc Flandreau

Nov 2010
No 327

Central banks: between internationalisation and domestic political control

by Harold James

Nov 2010
No 326

The changing role of central banks

by Charles Goodhart

Nov 2010
No 325

Inflation risk premia in the US and the euro area

by Peter Hördahl and Oreste Tristani

Nov 2010
No 324

Mapping capital and liquidity requirements to bank lending spreads

by Michael R King

Oct 2010
No 323

Stochastic Volatility, Long Run Risks, and Aggregate Stock Market Fluctuations

by Stefan Avdjiev and Nathan S Balke

Oct 2010
No 322

Interbank tiering and money center banks

by Ben Craig and Goetz von Peter

Sep 2010
No 321

The evolving renminbi regime and implications for Asian currency stability

by Guonan Ma and Robert Neil McCauley

Sep 2010
No 320

Offshore markets for the domestic currency: monetary and financial stability issues

by Dong He and Robert Neil McCauley

Sep 2010
No 319

Macroeconomic and interest rate volatility under alternative monetary operating procedures

by Petra Gerlach-Kristen and Barbara Rudolf

Aug 2010
No 318

Ageing and asset prices

by Előd Takáts

Jul 2010
No 317

Countercyclical capital buffers: exploring options

by Mathias Drehmann, Claudio Borio, Leonardo Gambacorta, Gabriel Jimenez and Carlos Trucharte

Jul 2010
No 316

Funding liquidity risk: definition and measurement

by Mathias Drehmann and Kleopatra Nikolaou

Jul 2010
No 315

The determinants of cross-border bank flows to emerging markets: new empirical evidence on the spread of financial crises

by Sabine Herrmann and Dubravko Mihaljek

Jul 2010
No 314

Chronicle of currency collapses: re-examining the effects on output

by Matthieu Bussière, Sweta C Saxena and Camilo Tovar

Jun 2010
No 313

Banks and financial intermediation in emerging Asia: reforms and new risks

by Madhusudan Mohanty and Philip Turner

Jun 2010
No 312

China's high saving rate: myth and reality

by Guonan Ma and Wang Yi

Jun 2010
No 311

Resolving the financial crisis: are we heeding the lessons from the Nordics?

by Claudio Borio, Bent Vale and Goetz von Peter

Jun 2010
No 310

Central bank co-operation and international liquidity in the financial crisis of 2008-9

by William A Allen and Richhild Moessner

May 2010
No 309

Toward a global risk map

by Stephen G Cecchetti, Ingo Fender and Patrick McGuire

May 2010
No 308

Attributing systemic risk to individual institutions

by Nikola Tarashev, Claudio Borio and Kostas Tsatsaronis

Apr 2010
No 307

Oil shocks and optimal monetary policy

by Carlos Montoro

Mar 2010
No 306

Household decisions, credit markets and the macroeconomy: implications for the design of central bank models

by John Muellbauer

Mar 2010
No 305

Fear of fire sales and the credit freeze

by Douglas W Diamond and Raghuram Rajan

Mar 2010
No 304

Financial intermediation and the post-crisis financial system

by Hyun Song Shin

Mar 2010
No 303

Illiquidity and all its friends

by Jean Tirole

Mar 2010
No 302

Accounting alchemy

by Robert E Verrecchia

Mar 2010
No 301

The failure mechanics of dealer banks

by Darrell Duffie

Mar 2010
No 300

The future of public debt: prospects and implications

by Stephen G Cecchetti, Madhusudan Mohanty and Fabrizio Zampolli

Mar 2010
No 299

Public governance of central banks: an approach from new institutional economics

by Yoshiharu Oritani

Mar 2010
No 298

Does monetary policy affect bank risk-taking?

by Yener Altunbas, Leonardo Gambacorta and David Marques-Ibanez

Feb 2010
No 297

The bank lending channel revisited

by Piti Disyatat

Jan 2010
No 296

Assessing the systemic risk of a heterogeneous portfolio of banks during the recent financial crisis

by Xin Huang, Hao Zhou and Haibin Zhu