Working Papers - 2009

Date Titles
Dec 2009
No 295

Consumption and real exchange rates in professional forecasts

by Michael B Devereux, Gregor W Smith and James Yetman

Dec 2009
No 294

The risk of relying on reputational capital: a case study of the 2007 failure of New Century Financial

by Allen B Frankel

Nov 2009
No 293

Ten propositions about liquidity crises

by Claudio Borio

Nov 2009
No 292

Unconventional monetary policies: an appraisal

by Claudio Borio and Piti Disyatat

Oct 2009
No 291

The US dollar shortage in global banking and the international policy response

by Patrick McGuire and Goetz von Peter

Oct 2009
No 290

Mutual guarantee institutions and small business finance

by Francesco Columba, Leonardo Gambacorta and Paolo Emilio Mistrulli

Sep 2009
No 289

Incentives and tranche retention in securitisation: a screening model

by Ingo Fender and Janet Mitchell

Sep 2009
No 288

Time to buy or just buying time? The market reaction to bank rescue packages

by Michael R King

Aug 2009
No 287

International portfolio rebalancing and exchange rate fluctuations in Thailand

by Jacob Gyntelberg, Mico Loretan, Tientip Subhanij and Eric Chan

Jul 2009
No 286

China's evolving external wealth and rising creditor position

by Guonan Ma and Zhou Haiwen

Jul 2009
No 285

From turmoil to crisis: dislocations in the FX swap market before and after the failure of Lehman Brothers

by Naohiko Baba and Frank Packer

Jun 2009
No 284

Towards an operational framework for financial stability: "fuzzy" measurement and its consequences

by Claudio Borio and Mathias Drehmann

May 2009
No 283

Another look at global disinflation

by Toshitaka Sekine

Apr 2009
No 282

China's exchange rate policy and Asian trade

by Alicia García-Herrero and Tuuli Koivu

Apr 2009
No 281

A Framework for Assessing the Systemic Risk of Major Financial Institutions

by Xin Huang, Hao Zhou and Haibin Zhu

Apr 2009
No 280

Measuring portfolio credit risk correctly: why parameter uncertainty matters

by Nikola Tarashev

Mar 2009
No 279

The pricing of subprime mortgage risk in good times and bad: evidence from the ABX.HE indices

by Ingo Fender and Martin Scheicher

Mar 2009
No 278

Credit frictions and optimal monetary policy

by Vasco Cúrdia and Michael Woodford

Mar 2009
No 277

China's financial conundrum and global imbalances

by Ronald McKinnon and Gunther Schnabl

Mar 2009
No 276

Has the monetary transmission process in the euro area changed? Evidence based on VAR estimates

by Axel A Weber, Rafael Gerke and Andreas Worms

Mar 2009
No 275

Inflation expectations, uncertainty and monetary policy

by Christopher A Sims

Mar 2009
No 274

Talking about monetary policy: the virtues (and vice?) of central bank communication

by Alan Blinder

Mar 2009
No 273

In search of monetary stability: the evolution of monetary policy

by Otmar Issing

Mar 2009
No 272

Bank ties and firm performance in Japan: some evidence since FY2002

by Patrick McGuire

Feb 2009
No 271

Private information, stock markets, and exchange rates

by Jacob Gyntelberg, Mico Loretan, Tientip Subhanij and Eric Chan