Working Papers - 2005

Date Titles
Nov 2005
No 192

The mechanics of devaluations and the output response in a DSGE model: how relevant is the balance sheet effect?

by Camilo Tovar

Nov 2005
No 191

Explaining the level of credit spreads: option-implied jump risk premia in a firm value model

by Martijn Cremers, Joost Driessen, Pascal Maenhout and David Weinbaum

Nov 2005
No 190

The pricing of unexpected credit losses

by Jeffery Amato and Eli M Remolona

Nov 2005
No 189

Beyond current policy frameworks

by Charles Goodhart

Nov 2005
No 188

Japan's deflation, problems in the financial system and monetary policy

by Naohiko Baba, Shinichi Nishioka, Nobuyuki Oda, Masaaki Shirakawa, Kazuo Ueda and Hiroshi Ugai

Nov 2005
No 187

External shocks, transmission mechanisms and deflation in Asia

by Hans Genberg

Nov 2005
No 186

Deflation in a historical perspective

by Michael Bordo and Andrew Filardo

Nov 2005
No 185

Has the inflation process changed?

by Stephen G Cecchetti and Guy Debelle

Oct 2005
No 184

A nonparametric analysis of the shape dynamics of the US personal income distribution: 1962-2000

by Feng Zhu

Oct 2005
No 183

The fragility of the Phillips curve: A bumpy ride in the frequency domain

by Feng Zhu

Sep 2005
No 182

Revisiting recent productivity developments across OECD countries

by Les Skoczylas and Bruno Tissot

Sep 2005
No 181

Explaining credit default swap spreads with equity volatility and jump risks of individual firms

by Haibin Zhu, Benjamin Zhang and Hao Zhou

Sep 2005
No 180

Accounting, prudential regulation and financial stability: elements of a synthesis

by Claudio Borio and Kostas Tsatsaronis

Jul 2005
No 179

An empirical evaluation of structural credit risk models

by Nikola Tarashev

Jun 2005
No 178

Research on exchange rates and monetary policy: an overview

by Jeffery Amato, Andrew Filardo, Gabriele Galati, Feng Zhu and Goetz von Peter

May 2005
No 177

Forbearance and prompt corrective action

by Narayana Kocherlakota and Ilhyock Shim

Apr 2005
No 176

Debt-deflation: concepts and a stylised model

by Goetz von Peter

Apr 2005
No 175

Commercial property prices and bank performance

by E P Davis and Haibin Zhu

Apr 2005
No 174

How does fiscal policy affect monetary policy in emerging market countries?

by Edda Zoli

Mar 2005
No 173

Measuring default risk premia from default swap rates and EDFs

by Antje Berndt, Rohan Douglas, Darrell Duffie, Mark Ferguson and David Schranz

Mar 2005
No 172

The effectiveness of foreign exchange intervention in emerging market countries: evidence from the Czech koruna

by Piti Disyatat and Gabriele Galati

Mar 2005
No 171

The role of the natural rate of interest in monetary policy

by Jeffery Amato

Feb 2005
No 170

A model of the IMF as a coinsurance arrangement

by Ralph Chami, Sunil Sharma and Ilhyock Shim

Feb 2005
No 169

Current account adjustment and capital flows

by Guy Debelle and Gabriele Galati

Jan 2005
No 168

Inflation targeting, asset prices and financial imbalances: conceptualizing the debate

by Piti Disyatat