Working Papers - 2003

Date Titles
Oct 2003
No 144

Transparency versus constructive ambiguity in foreign exchange intervention

by Priscilla Chiu

Oct 2003
No 143

The Balassa-Samuelson effect in central Europe: a disaggregated analysis

by Marc Klau and Dubravko Mihaljek

Oct 2003
No 142

Three episodes of financial fragility in Norway since the 1890s

by Karsten Gerdrup

Sep 2003
No 141

Financial strains and the zero lower bound: the Japanese experience

by Fukao Mitsuhiro

Sep 2003
No 140

Asset prices, financial imbalances and monetary policy: are inflation targets enough?

by Charles Bean

Sep 2003
No 139

External constraints on monetary policy and the financial accelerator

by Mark Gertler, Simon Gilchrist and Fabio Natalucci

Sep 2003
No 138

Public and private information in monetary policy models

by Jeffery Amato and Hyun Song Shin

Sep 2003
No 137

The Great Depression as a credit boom gone wrong

by Barry Eichengreen and Kris Mitchener

Sep 2003
No 136

The price level, relative prices and economic stability: aspects of the interwar debate

by David Laidler

Sep 2003
No 135

Currency Crises and the Informational Role of Interest Rates

by Nikola Tarashev

Sep 2003
No 134

The cost of barriers to entry: evidence from the market for corporate euro bond underwriting

by João Santos and Kostas Tsatsaronis

Sep 2003
No 133

How good is the BankScope database? A cross-validation exercise with correction factors for market concentration measures

by Kaushik Bhattacharya

Jul 2003
No 132

Developing country economic structure and the pricing of syndicated credits

by Yener Altunbas and Blaise Gadanecz

Mar 2003
No 131

Optimal supervisory policies and depositor-preference laws

by Henri Pagès and João Santos

Feb 2003
No 130

Living with flexible exchange rates: issues and recent experience in inflation targeting emerging market economies

by Corrinne Ho and Robert N McCauley

Feb 2003
No 129

Are credit ratings procyclical?

by Jeffery Amato and Craig Furfine

Feb 2003
No 128

Towards a macroprudential framework for financial supervision and regulation?

by Claudio Borio

Feb 2003
No 127

A tale of two perspectives: old or new challenges for monetary policy?

by Claudio Borio, William B English and Andrew Filardo

Jan 2003
No 126

A survey of cyclical effects in credit risk measurement model

by Linda Allen and Anthony Saunders

Jan 2003
No 125

The institutional memory hypothesis and the procyclicality of bank lending behaviour

by Allen Berger and Gregory Udell

Jan 2003
No 124

Credit constraints, financial liberalisation and twin crises

by Haibin Zhu

Jan 2003
No 123

Communication and monetary policy

by Jeffery Amato, Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin

Jan 2003
No 122

Positive feedback trading under stress: Evidence from the US Treasury securities market

by Benjamin H Cohen and Hyun Song Shin