Working Papers - 2000

Date Titles
Dec 2000
No 97

Information flows during the asian crisis: evidence from closed-end funds

by Benjamin H Cohen and Eli M Remolona

Dec 2000
No 96

The real-time predictive content of money for output

by Jeffery Amato and Norman Swanson

Nov 2000
No 95

The impact of corporate risk management on monetary policy transmission: some empirical evidence

by Ingo Fender

Nov 2000
No 94

Corporate hedging: the impact of financial derivatives on the broad credit channel of monetary policy

by Ingo Fender

Oct 2000
No 93

Trading volumes, volatility and spreads in foreign exchange markets: evidence from emerging market countries

by Gabriele Galati

Oct 2000
No 92

Recent initiatives to improve the regulation and supervision of private capital flows

by William R White

Oct 2000
No 91

Measuring potential vulnerabilities in emerging market economies

by John Hawkins and Marc Klau

Sep 2000
No 90

Bank capital regulation in contemporary banking theory: a review of the literature

by João Santos

Aug 2000
No 89

Forecast-based monetary policy

by Jeffery Amato and Thomas Laubach

Jun 2000
No 88

Evidence on the response of US banks to changes in capital requirements

by Craig Furfine

May 2000
No 87

Monetary policy in an estimated optimisation-based model with sticky prices and wages

by Jeffery Amato and Thomas Laubach

Mar 2000
No 86

Information, liquidity and risk in the international interbank market: implicit guarantees and private credit market failure

by Henri J Bernard and Joseph Bisignano

Jan 2000
No 85

A defence of the expectations theory as a model of us long-term interest rates

by Gregory Sutton

Jan 2000
No 84

What have we learned from recent financial crises and policy responses?

by William R White