Research at BIS

Date Titles
19 Oct 1993

'All the money in europe?' An investigation of the economic properties of EC-wide extended monetary aggregates

BIS Working Papers No 19

by Carlo Monticelli

01 Apr 1993

International capital movements and foreign exchange markets

18 Apr 1992

European integration and the demand for broad money

BIS Working Papers No 18

by Carlo Monticelli and Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn

17 Jul 1991

Energy shocks and the demand for energy

BIS Working Papers No 17

by Palle S Andersen and Henri J Bernard

01 Apr 1991

Issues raised by the transition in Central and Eastern Europe

16 Feb 1991

Labour market developments in developing countries

BIS Working Papers No 16

by Palle S Andersen

01 Nov 1990

Financial arrangements, 'soft' budget constraints and inflation: lessons from the Yugoslav experience

BIS Working Papers No 15

by Claudio Borio

02 Sep 1990

The steady-state budget constraint and the integration of european financial markets: an arithmetical exercise

BIS Working Papers No 14

by José Ramalho

01 Sep 1990

Manufacturing sector resiliency to energy booms: Empirical evidence from Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

BIS Working Papers No 13

by Michael M Hutchison

01 Jun 1989

The role of the IMF and the World Bank in the context of the debt strategy

01 Jul 1987

Profit shares, investment and output capacity

BIS Working Papers No 12

by Palle S Andersen

03 Nov 1984

The external balance of the smaller industrial countries: international developments and national policies since 1968

BIS Working Papers No 11

by Jonathan Hoffman

02 Sep 1984

The measurement of effective exchange rates

BIS Working Papers No 10

by Elmar Koch

01 Jul 1984

Real wages, inflation and unemployment

BIS Working Papers No 9

by Palle S Andersen

01 Mar 1983

The productivity slowdown and its policy implications

BIS Working Papers No 8

by Palle S Andersen

01 Nov 1982

The evolution of the external debt and balance of payments of eastern europe and the USSR since 1970

BIS Working Papers No 7

by Richard Allen

01 Jul 1982

A survey of the international use of yen

BIS Working Papers No 6

by Hiroo Taguchi

01 Feb 1981

Intermediation and pure liquidity creation in banking systems

BIS Working Papers No 5

by William A Allen

01 Sep 1980

Factors determining exchange rates: the roles of relative price levels, balances of payments, interest rates and risk

BIS Working Papers No 4

by Peter Isard

18 Jul 1980

Exchange rates and balance-of-payments adjustment - General principles and some recent examples

BIS Working Papers No 3

by William A Allen

18 Apr 1980

International currency substitution and the apparent instability of velocity in some western European economies and in the United States

BIS Working Papers No 2

by Bruce Brittain

01 Apr 1980

Determinants of Market Condtions in the Euro-Currency Market - Why a 'Borrowers' Market'

BIS Working Papers No 1

by Kengo Inoue

08 Jul 1966

G10 Deputies report (Emminger) on possible improvements in the present international monetary system and deliberate reserve creation

31 May 1965

Report by the Study Group (Ossola) on various proposals regarding the creation of reserve assets either through the IMF or otherwise

30 May 1964

The outlook for the functioning and liquidity needs of the international monetary system