Research at BIS

Date Titles
17 Nov 2017

Macroprudential Policies in Peru: The effects of Dynamic Provisioning and Conditional Reserve Requirements

BIS Working Papers No 675

by Elias Minaya, José Lupú and Miguel Cabello

17 Nov 2017

Credit supply responses to reserve requirement: loan-level evidence from macroprudential policy

BIS Working Papers No 674

by João Barata R B Barroso, Rodrigo Barbone Gonzalez and Bernardus F Nazar Van Doornik

17 Nov 2017

Loan-to-value policy and housing finance: effects on constrained borrowers

BIS Working Papers No 673

by Douglas Kiarelly Godoy de Araujo, João Barata R B Barroso and Rodrigo Barbone Gonzalez

17 Nov 2017

Capital and currency-based macroprudential policies: an evaluation using credit registry data

BIS Working Papers No 672

by Horacio A Aguirre and Gastón Repetto

10 Nov 2017

Capital misallocation and financial development: A sector-level analysis

BIS Working Papers No 671

by Daniela Marconi and Christian Upper

09 Nov 2017

Policy Rules for Capital Controls

BIS Working Papers No 670

by Gurnain Kaur Pasricha

09 Nov 2017

Credit misallocation during the European financial crisis

BIS Working Papers No 669

by Fabiano Schivardi, Enrico Sette and Guido Tabellini

31 Oct 2017

Financial and real shocks and the effectiveness of monetary and macroprudential policies in Latin American countries

BIS Working Papers No 668

by Javier Garcia-Cicco, Markus Kirchner, Julio Carrillo, Diego Rodríguez, Fernando Perez, Rocío Gondo, Carlos Montoro and Roberto Chang

31 Oct 2017

Modeling Time-Varying Uncertainty of Multiple-Horizon Forecast Errors

BIS Working Papers No 667

by Todd E Clark, Michael W McCracken and Elmar Mertens

30 Oct 2017

Bank capital allocation under multiple constraints

BIS Working Papers No 666

by Tirupam Goel, Ulf Lewrick and Nikola Tarashev

13 Oct 2017

Interest rates and house prices in the United States and around the world

BIS Working Papers No 665

by Gregory Sutton, Dubravko Mihaljek and Agnė Subelytė

11 Oct 2017

Is the price right? Swing pricing and investor redemptions

BIS Working Papers No 664

by Ulf Lewrick and Jochen Schanz

11 Oct 2017

Liquidity risk in markets with trading frictions: What can swing pricing achieve?

BIS Working Papers No 663

by Ulf Lewrick and Jochen Schanz

27 Sep 2017

The real effects of relationship lending

BIS Working Papers No 662

by Ryan Niladri Banerjee, Leonardo Gambacorta and Enrico Sette

31 Aug 2017

How important is the Global Financial Cycle? Evidence from capital flows

BIS Working Papers No 661

by Eugenio Cerutti, Stijn Claessens and Andrew K Rose

31 Aug 2017

Informal one-sided target zone model and the Swiss franc

BIS Working Papers No 660

by Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Richhild Moessner

31 Aug 2017

Effects of capital controls on foreign exchange liquidity

BIS Working Papers No 659

by Carlos Cantú

29 Aug 2017

The Distance Effect in Banking and Trade

BIS Working Papers No 658

by Michael Brei and Goetz von Peter

29 Aug 2017

Quality Pricing-to-Market

BIS Working Papers No 657

by Raphael Auer, Thomas Chaney and Philip Sauré

24 Aug 2017

Building Resilience to Global Risks: Challenges for African Central Banks

BIS Papers No 93

by Benedicte Vibe Christensen and Christian Upper

07 Aug 2017

Demographics will reverse three multi-decade global trends

BIS Working Papers No 656

by Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan

07 Aug 2017

The FinTech Opportunity

BIS Working Papers No 655

by Thomas Philippon

07 Aug 2017

World changes in inequality: an overview of facts, causes, consequences and policies

BIS Working Papers No 654

by François Bourguignon

07 Aug 2017

Dollar pricing redux

BIS Working Papers No 653

by Camila Casas, Federico Díez, Gita Gopinath and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas

07 Aug 2017

Long-term issues for central banks

BIS Papers No 92

by Jaime Caruana and Kevin M Warsh